Spray on Sunscreen Concerns

17 Jul

…Skin Care Thursday…

The FDA has been investigating the safety of spray-on sunscreens since 2011.  They have yet to issue a ruling on the concerns with spray-on sunscreen.  Consumer Reports has issued a warning to parents of young children to choose lotion versus spray on sunscreen.  They are currently deemed safe for adults to utilize (check your ingredient label), do not spray on face.

Spray on Sunscreen Concerns

Why do we use spray on sunscreens?


What are the issues surrounding the spray on sunscreens?

1. The person applying the spray inhales the chemicals that are questionable within the product

2. Children who are sensitive to inhalants will have increased health concerns

How can we apply spray on sunscreen?

1. Rub on your hands and apply to skin

2. Read your ingredient label & choose sunscreens with the least amount of ingredients

3. Look for sunscreens that contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide

In conclusion:

The pros of using sunscreen outweigh the cons, be a smart consumer!

Munch on this Monday — Homemade Carrot Popsicles

14 Jul

Carrot popsicles?  I have been juicing up carrots to form a surprisingly sweet drink.  As I juiced my first batch my kids wanted nothing to do with it, by dinner time the five of us were drinking  a tall glass of refreshing carrot juice.  I decided to whip up some of my juice to form popsicles to enjoy later.  The beta carotene in carrots fuels your Vitamin A, B & E including minerals.  Engaging your kids in the juicing process will peak their interest in trying it, trust me it works.

Munch on this Monday How to make homemade carrot popsicles

Munch on this Monday How to make homemade carrot popsicles

Munch on this Monday How to make homemade carrot popsicles

Munch on this Monday How to make homemade carrot popsicles

Freeze them overnight and enjoy them tomorrow!

Do you have a popsicle recipe to share?

Munch on this Monday — Baked Zucchini

7 Jul

Zucchini {squash} is screaming out to me at the local farmers market & grocery stores during summertime.  I found this yummy recipe online and made some simple changes to bake it instead of frying it as well as opted out on the cheese. I know many of you can’t understand that, but with a husband who can’t stand cheese I had to do without and I have to say they were mighty delicious even without the cheese.

Munch on this Monday, How to make baked zucchini

Step One

Pesto: breadcrumbs, basil & salt in a food processor

Munch on this Monday, How to make baked zucchini

Step Two

Place all ingredients in separate bowls

Munch on this Monday, How to make baked zucchini

Step Three

Toss in oil and dredge in breadcrumb mixture

Munch on this Monday How to make baked zucchini

Step Four

Place on greased pan and bake for 30 minutes

Munch on this Monday How to make baked zucchini

Munch on this Monday How to make baked zucchini

[D  E  L  I  C  I  O  U  S  ]

Munch on this Monday How to make baked zucchini

What’s your favorite zucchini recipe?

Cochineal beetles sound appetizing?

3 Jul

…Skin Care Thursday…

Would you believe me if I disclosed the fact that you’ve most likely ingested crushed beetles from your foods or cosmetics?

Pronounced [ko-sha-neel]

Peru is the largest exporter, of the cochineal beetle.  The female bodies are dried and boiled in water to create an acid which is then used to produce a red or pink dyeing agent for food and cosmetics.  It takes approximately 40,000 cochineal bugs to produce one pound of cochineal extract.

Cochineal Beetles sound appetizing

Yes it’s true companies are crushing these little bugs to add color to your foods and lip and eye make up.  Check your labels when purchasing yogurt, ice cream, strawberry milk, fake crab or lobster meat, maraschino cherries, port wine cheese, skittles, and many more food items.

Cochineal Beetles sound appetizing

But it won’t read “beetles” on the ingredient label.  Look for the code words: [COCHINEAL EXTRACT] or [CARMINE].   Carmine can cause allergic reactions such as sneezing, asthma, hives, and in some cases anaphylactic shock.  Oh and yes this colorant is approved and deemed safe by the FDA!

Some will argue it’s a natural dye, sounds like green washing to me.

What’s wrong with deeply pigmented fruits and vegetables?

raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, or blackberries for shades of red, pink and purples

lutein from marigolds, beta carotene from carrots, or lycopene from tomatoes

What are your feelings on crushed beetle ingestion?

How to make blueberry syrup

1 Jul

…How-to Tuesday…

Plump juicy blueberries are a summertime staple.  The prices at your local grocer, or farm are irresistible.  My kitchen is stocked with these fresh blueberries, yet sometimes they start to get a little mushy.  Don’t throw them away, they can be used for pies, cobblers, and even some syrup to top your pancakes or ice cream.  Get your kids involved in the kitchen and have them help you with preparing some scrumptious blueberry dishes for the family.  Mmmm, the smell of pancakes from the griddle but no syrup to top them.  We simmered up some blueberries & within minutes our pancakes were whole!

How to Make blueberry Syrup

How to make blueberry syrup

How to make blueberry syrup

Share your syrup recipes

How junk food is marketed to your children

24 Jun

How to Tuesday

Junk food television advertisements have grown 3.8% over the past five years.

They have had huge successes marketing their campaigns to our children.  It is estimated to be a $34.6 billion business by the end of this year.

For example the U.S. Food & Beverage spends $1.79 billion a year marketing to our youth.

$1 billion marketed at 2 to 11 year olds, and the rest towards 12 to 17 year olds.  72% of that money is spent on marketing carbonated beverages, cereals, and fast food.

How to avoid marketing unhealthy snacks to our youth

These ads are influencing our children’s food choices, purchase requests, and consumption patterns.  I know for a fact the marketing infiltrates within my household  I use these moments to promote healthy education.  I do feel we (adults) form consumption patterns for our children, we have the buying power and we fill the shopping carts.

How unhealthy snacks are marketed to your children

The snack food and beverage companies won’t divulge this information to us, we need to be smart consumers and


Munch on this Monday — Power Sandwich

23 Jun

Looking for a quick healthy snack to put together in a snap?  Not only chock-full of nutrition, but yummy too.


Munch on this Monday Banana Honey Sandwich Snack

Munch on this Monday Banana Honey Sandwich Snack


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